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The Good of the Hive®

In September 2023, Garfield County Libraries inaugurated our bee mural, painted by artist Matt Willey, on the side of the Rifle Branch Library. Matt’s global art project, The Good of the Hive®, raises awareness about the shocking population decline of honeybees while celebrating the incredible behaviors and importance of bees as pollinators. As Matt says, bees work as a collective inside of the hive, thinking and acting together to maintain the health of the collective. This should serve as a reminder to us all that when we all work together, we connect and thrive as a community.

Bees never forget that they are part of something bigger than themselves… their hive is a part of them. What if we embodied this idea? What if we got curious about the world and each other again instead of intimidated by it? This is why I turn walls into windows – to remember that we are all connected… that separation is an illusion.

  – Artist, Matt Willey

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GCPLD has branches located in all 6 of the county’s communities and their surrounding areas, Carbondale, Glenwood Springs, New Castle, Silt, Rifle and Parachute. Each branch is dedicated to being the best public library for the community it serves by providing outstanding and personalized service to everyone seeking access to the world of information and ideas. Our vision is to be a trusted and valued resource to everyone in our communities. Libraries are for EVERYONE! Stop by your local branch today!

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